Features you can get with SatSignature

Satellite Carrier Monitoring

Most flexible cloud-based carrier monitoring platform!

Complete third party monitoring and reporting service that measures the health of your carrier. We can assign dedicated or shared equipment to monitor your carrier for any abnormalities. You have the option to choose antenna size and location, with optional redundancy. The system can be setup to be event based or 24/7/365 monitoring.

Statistics and Reporting

In addition to alerting major problems like loss of carrier, our system will record and store all measurement and spectrum data. We provide you with up to minute online reporting.

Satellite Spectrum History

Sometimes during occasional live events or permanent satellite transmissions, these satellite carriers get compromised. To ensure the quality of service, these carriers need to be re-examined to troubleshoot and address the cause. That's why having access to historical plots is an extremely valuable. We continuously record all satellite feeds from all our locations.

You can request historical plots by specifying satellite, band, polarity, center frequency, date/time and duration of a plot. You will be able to forward, rewind, pause or replay the spectrum history over and over again to spot any abnormality!


  • Help troubleshoot intermittent uplink problems by spotting past abnormalities.
  • Help resolve satellite interference problems. (E.g. occasional adjacent satellite interference will be recorded and time stamped)
  • Spot and document any illegal satellite activities in your space segment.
  • Timestamp any satellite activity. (E.g. knowing when a uplink carrier started and ended)

Spectrum Snapshots

A convenient way to have plots sent to your phone or email on a set interval. Choose multiple sites and antennas to have "snapped" and sent to you in an image format.


  • Troubleshooting
  • Satellite referencing
  • Proof of carrier

Carrier ID (CID) Check

Easy On Demand CID Check!

A convenient way to troubleshoot or verify that your equipment is sending the right information. The purpose of CID is to help speed up the process and decrease the time affected by the interference.


  • Troubleshooting
  • Verify Equipment
  • Identifying the Transmitter

Cloud Step Functions

Stay focused on more important things!

Cloud Step Functions provides an easy way to automatically trigger a step of processes when an event or no event occurs. Free yourself from all the laborious tasks and create step functions to do all the dirty work. This gives you more time to stay focused on more important things. Once you have setup your function it will run until you disable or remove it, you also can change or add steps at any time.

A few examples are provided to show how you might use step functions. Get creative and create your own unique function that helps your productivity!

Spectrum View

Watch all your carriers in one view!

Spectrum View allows you to create a lot of small spans of the spectrum. This makes it easy to watch a lot of carriers at once on one page. If you have multiple teleports / super headends, Spectrum View makes it easy to watch all your carriers from all your teleport at once, this is a great feature to have.