Mobile Texting - MMS Plots

By sending a short command to (323) 673-2478, you can receive a satellite plot, its that easy!

To get a full 500 Mhz span of a satellite.

longitude band polarity

txt: 99 ku h

Setting the span. The default span is 500 mhz.

longitude band polarity span

txt: 99 ku h 200

Set center frequency. The default span is 200 mhz if you only pass a frequency.

longitude band polarity frequency

txt: 125 c v 3950

Set center frequency and span.

longitude band polarity frequency span

txt: 127 c h 3950 200

For L-Band frequencies just add L to the end of any of the commands or pass the L-Band frequency.

txt: 127 c h l

txt: 127 c h 3950 l

txt: 127 c h 3950 200 l


txt: 127 c h 1200

txt: 127 c h 1200 100

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txt: SUG this is really cool!

** Currently our MMS service will not work with StraighTalk.