Satellite Carrier Monitoring

Complete third party monitoring and reporting service that measures the health of your carrier. We assign dedicated equipment to monitor your carrier for any abnormalities. You have the option to choose antenna size and location, with optional redundancy. The system can be setup to be event based or 24/7/365 monitoring.


You can set alerts that our system will watch and alert you via txt message, email and/or "find me" phone call. Below are some of the configurable measurement settings that you can monitor:

  • High / Low BER
  • High / Low MER
  • High / Low SNR
  • High / Low Eb/No
  • High / Low C/N
  • PID Count

Statistics and Reporting

In addition to alerting major problems like loss of carrier, our system will record and store all measurement and spectrum data. We provide you with up to minute online reporting that has easy to read charts.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely outsourced
  • No equipment to buy and maintain
  • Totally automated
  • Scheduled event monitoring
  • Immediate alerts
  • Easy to read monitoring charts and tables
  • Easy online access to your reports and data to review, email, save or print
  • Choice of available location and antenna to monitor with

If you're interested in this monitoring a carrier, please contact us for more details.