Satellite Spectrum History

Sometimes during occasional live events or permanent satellite transmissions, these satellite carriers get compromised. To ensure quality of service, these carriers need to be re-examined to troubleshoot and address the cause. That's why having access to historical plots is an extremely valuable.

You can request 7 days back of historical plots by specifying satellite, band, polarity, center frequency, date/time and duration of plot. The current playback format is a MP4 video clip of the desired plot where you can play, forward, rewind, pause or replay over and over again to spot any abnormality!


  • Help troubleshoot intermittent uplink problems by spotting past abnormalities.
  • Help resolve satellite interference problems. (E.g. occasional adjacent satellite interference will recorded and time stamped)
  • Spot and document any illegal satellite activities in your space segment.
  • Timestamp any satellite activity. (E.g. knowing when a uplink carrier started and ended)

If you're interested in this service, please contact us for more details.