Online Satellite Spectrum Analyzer

We're a cloud-based satellite spectrum analyzer and monitoring system. It combines custom written software and hardware to enable users to get live spectrum of any satellite at any time over the web.

"SatSignature is always on my computer when I am on the Satellite. Thank You for your services!"
Ron Ford @ PSSI Global Services
"SatSignature is the place to track your satellite carrier with ease. The monitor function is the best! I always keep this up and running while on the satellite."
Mike @ PSSI Global Services
"It's reassuring to know that what I see on my specan is what others are seeing."
Michael Jones @ BOXER Media Group
"Probably one of the best websites on the internet. For those of us in the satellite business, this is just plain great."
Alan Maretsky @ Coastal Media Group
"The crew at SatSignature is making an incredible contribution to the satellite industry and for individual satellite users around the world."
Bruce Wilkinson @ Satellite Applications, Inc
"I found this set of online tools to be extremely helpful in setting up and maintaining satellite systems in our broadcast operations. I have it book marked on every workstation in our control center."
Dennis R Doty Los Angeles, CA

If you're interested in having our monitoring system installed at your facility, please contact us for more information.