Online Satellite Spectrum Analyzer

About Satellite Signature

We are an innovative web-based satellite spectrum analyzer system (Patent Pending). It combines state-of-the art software and hardware to enable users to get live spectrum of any satellite at any time over the web. SatSignature is a worldwide service that currently covers North America with other geographical areas coverage is underway.

"It's reassuring to know that what I see on my specan is what others are seeing."
Michael Jones @ FreeBirdTV
"Probably one of the best websites on the internet. For those of us in the satellite business, this is just plain great."
Alan Maretsky @ Coastal Media Group
"The crew at SatSignature is making an incredible contribution to the satellite industry and for individual satellite users around the world."
Bruce Wilkinson @ Satellite Applications, Inc

If you're interested in partnering with SatSignature, please contact us for more information.

We've opened up a few spots on the website for sponsorship/advertisement, we want to keep the site clean and professional. SatSignature is an ideal advertisement medium for the satellite-related industry. It's become the "meet me" place for all satellite activity in the US with the rest of the world upcoming. With the majority of the users being satellite professionals, advertisement here will go a long way!